Apartments are great because they allow you to live in the city and shorten your commute. Apartment living also provides easier access to shops, grocery stores, restaurants and other downtown venues. You also get to live with neighbors and maybe even form a friendship or a relationship. However, the problem is that apartment buildings are some of the hardest structures to pest proof.

There are so many ways in which pests can enter a building, from cracks in the walls, roofs and floors, to utilities, open windows, sliding glass doors, AC units, potted plants and outdoor terraces. When you are dealing with a single family unit, in a single building, identifying the source of the infestation is much easier than when you have to go through several separate homes that have different families, each with their own habits. And once a pest species finds its way inside, whether we’re talking about rodents, wasps, flies, bed bugs or roaches, exterminating the infestation and figuring out the source becomes very difficult. This is why prevention is so important if you live in an apartment building, and in this article we’re going to go over some tips outlining how you can do just that.

Second hand furniture may be more trouble than it’s worth

You may find the perfect piece of second hand furniture that fits your decor to a tee, but you really have to make sure that it is not home to any pests such as powder post beetles, bed bugs and others.

Make sure to carefully check any package you receive

Oftentimes, pests travel long distances in postal packages. Whether it is an international or domestic delivery, pests can hop into a package at any point during the transit. Check any box you receive through mail in order to make sure that there is no threat of infestation.

Travel is great but you may bring back pests with you

When traveling, you are vulnerable to pests, particularly bed bugs. Bed bugs can nest into any object that is made from materials that resemble a mattress. This can include air plane seats, bus seats, hotel beds, movie theaters, and Uber rides. After travelling, make sure that you vacuum your suitcases before putting them in storage and that you drop your clothes off into the washing machine.

General pest proofing tips

To prevent any pest infestations in your apartment, even if they may be present in the building itself, you can follow some general pest-proofing best practices. These best practices include disposing of your garbage in sealed containers or receptacles, wiping the kitchen counter top after cooking and removing any crumbs or spills from the floor, vacuuming at least once a week, cleaning the pet bowls, storing food in sealed containers, and routinely checking for excess moisture or leaks under your sinks.

Are you having problems with pests in your apartment?

If you notice any pests in your apartment or in a common area of the building, you should get in touch with your facility manager right away, so that the problem does not get out of hand, and in order to determine if your leasing terms cover professional pest control.