We live in the digital era, where the internet is filled with DIY tutorials, and videos for almost anything and everything. While it is a great idea to try DIY remedies for many issues, learn cool new skills and save yourself money, DIY Bed bug treatment is a bad idea. By trying DIY methods, you can find yourself amidst a worse problem than it was when you first spotted bed bugs.

Even though one Google search will give you a million search results from various sources across the globe, to get rid of bed bugs effectively, none of them work. Let’s face it, pest control is no easy fix, and DIY bed bug control comes with pitfalls.

With that said, this blog will discuss the reasons why DIY bed bug treatment is a bad idea and a waste of money.

Let’s go!

The Hidden Bugs 

Bed bugs have mastered the art of hiding. They are flat and small and can therefore slip into any nooks and crannies in and around your house, furniture, walls, and electrical outlets. It may take you weeks to kill the bedbugs from a single piece of furniture and still find bed bugs in other places. If you think you can win this hide and seek game and take care of all the bed bugs, you are mistaken. The bed bugs you spot on the surface are just a small part of their huge population. You may never know of the level of infestation unless you seek professional help. So, DIY treatments are not enough to take care of the bed bug infestation unless you find the hidden bugs.

Dangerous Chemicals

Do not attempt to get rid of bed bugs by spraying chemicals on them and around the home. While you may succeed in killing a few of them, but you cannot remove the entire bed bug population with help of spray. Moreover, spraying chemicals will harm the indoor air quality, which will affect the people living in your household. Even if you or family members and pets inhale or get exposed to a small amount of chemical sprayed, it can trigger several reactions, cause respiratory issues. In worst cases, chemicals can send patients with allergies or asthma to the hospital.

Heat can lead to Fire Hazards 

Many people have even attempted the trending method to deal with bed bugs – Heat Treatment. While this sounds appealing, it is still a bad idea as the overuse of electric or gas heaters to heat to a temperature of 120 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit can cause a major fire hazard. Moreover, if the heater is close to any flammable objects, forget pest control professionals, you could end up calling 911 or the fire control department. Heat treatment should only be done by trained personnel who know to raise the temperature of the entire home safely and can place the heater strategically.

The Infestation Can Get Worse

Bed bugs breed at a rapid pace. A do-it-yourself solution may take weeks or even months, which gives bed bugs more time to hide, breed, and multiply. The more time you take, the worse the infestation gets. With DIY methods, the chances of a handful of bed bugs turning into a serious infestation are too high.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, with DIY methods, things may go wrong and put you at risk. With this blog, it is clear that bed bug treatments should be left to the ones who are pros, such as the pest control professionals. If you are dealing with bed bug infestation, seek the help of professional pest control services today.