Bees are predictable insects. Like other nesting insects, bees also prefer to build their hives in certain locations. Contrary to popular belief, bees do not build hives on a tree branch but can make hives in different places, which vary by species. To cut short, there are also many other places where bees build their hives. With that in mind, listed below are the most common places where you can find beehives.

Let’s explore.

Meter and/or Irrigation Boxes

Meter and/or irrigation box is one of the most common non-structural places. Beehives in these locations are usually discovered after the homeowner turns the water on or off, or when they pop off the plastic lid, a hive is found hanging from the underside. But, this process of discovery can backfire at times as the bees may get startled and may launch an attack on you. The best way to find if your meter box or irrigation box has a beehive is by observing the top of the lid from a distance. If you notice bees flying in and out of the lid hole, the chances are high that an entire colony is living there.

Bird Houses 

Bees also prefer to build a hive in the birdhouse. Any enclosed box that is placed high up in the air can turn a bee magnet. The quicker you notice the hive, the better as you will be able to relocate them alive. But, the longer the realization and waiting, the harder bee removal becomes. Moreover, as per pest control professionals, bees who set up hives in birdhouses for a longer period tend to become more aggressive, making it difficult to remove the bees. The reason is bee may sting, and there are other risks involved, such as the height, presence of dangerous wires, cables, and or screws.

Dumpsters and Trash Bins

Dumpsters, trash cans, garbage bins, recycling bins, and com-posters are places where bees love to dive in and invade. They build hives in these places and search for food inside. Inside the bins, bees tend to build a hive under the lid. While most of the time, bees scout and feed on leftover food. Moreover, the soda cans that have not been rinsed out also attract bees. Bees love sugary colas and will therefore forage for the syrup from the can. Therefore, removing bees from trash bins is a lot difficult than it seems.


If you have a piece of old furniture that you don’t use anymore, throw it, donate or do whatever you can before the springtime. Irrespective of the type of furniture, such as the couch, dressers, cabinets, and others, do not put it outside to use it as patio furniture. Indoor furniture is built in a much different way than how patio furniture is made. Indoor furniture has open voids inside the structure of the furniture, which attract bees to come and invade.

BBQ Grills

BBQ grills! Yes. This non-structural place is an ideal location for bees to build their hives. So, if you love BBQ parties in your yard, bees can find their way under the barbecues, even after putting a tarp over it. The bees tend to build their hive under the lid.

Wrapping Up

Listed above are the most common non-structural locations where bees can build hives. So, next time when you inspect for pests, be sure to check these places for beehives. That said, be careful and keep a safe distance. If you find a hive, don’t panic and call pest control professionals immediately to handle the situation at the earliest.