Here at Johnny B’s Pest Control were all about protecting your home or business from pests. That is why we have created a list of 4 Pest Tips someone can do to better protect their home or business from pests!

  1. Take Care Of Trash and Debris – Pests often take refuge in trash and other debris on your property. It could be leaves or other shrubbery also so make sure your proactive with keeping your property clean, as this will help with pests.
  2. Keep Mulch Beds In Check – If you have deep mulch piles this can attract different species of pests to your yard. Make sure that the piles are no more than 4-6 inches deep into the ground so not to encourage pests to inhabit your yard.
  3. Don’t feed Animals – No matter how cute or how much you want to try not to feed animals in your back yard if you’re dealing with a pest problem. Other animals bring with them pests so if you’re dealing with lots of pests and are feeding animals stop Now!
  4. Keep Foliage Trimmed – This is a common way that pest access homes or businesses by foliage coming into contact with the building. Remove all foliage that is touching your property, and a good general rule of thumb is not to have foliage 1ft within your homes border. Doing this will greatly reduce your risk of acquiring an infestation.

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today and let us take it from there. At Johnny B’s we have been eliminating pest in the greater Boston area for 30 years! See why so many in the greater Boston area choose Johnny B’s Pest Control when they need pest help!