Walking into the kitchen with bleary-eyed and starting your day by grabbing a sip of coffee and you see tiny pesky pests marching on the top of kitchen counters, ready to ponder in your food. Yes, we are talking about ants.

It is a nightmare to get your beloved house invaded by these annoying ants. These ants are most active in summer and springtime, looking for newly suitable areas to build colonies.

Guess what?

They have found one.

Congratulations, it is your house chosen by ants.

No need to worry. There are many preventive methods to keep these pests out of your house.

Take notice of scout ants:

One of the first signs to notice an ant infestation is to look for scout ants. These ants take their name very seriously, and throughout their life, they have to find sources of food for the colony. If you see one of these ants scouring your kitchen, more ants will be coming. Wait for them and look at the areas from where they are coming. Also, take strict actions to remove these ants as soon as possible.

Keeping surface clean:

We cannot live without food. Of course! No need to tell this. Having a delicious meal every day with your family doesn’t mean leaving evidence because ants are looking for this lovely meal.

  • Clean up dirty dishes:

Do not keep leftover dishes and bowls of your delicious meal in the kitchen sink. Keep the habit of cleaning before going to bed, or else ants will be waiting to say you good morning the next day.

  • Sweep regularly:

Ants will get attracted to the food lying over the floor, especially when we have small children and pets around. Sometimes, this may go unnoticed, and ants may attack these pieces of food. Keep the surface areas clean by sweeping them regularly.

  • Wipe common surfaces:

Ants are also attracted to sticky substances spilled over sometimes. Make sure to wipe down these surface areas with disinfectant water to ensure that ants aren’t attracted to spills.

Store food in sealed containers:

Do not keep fruits and other food sources open for ants. Instead, try to put them in refrigerators and airtight containers so that the ants will not get access to the food sources.

Seal cracks and entrances:

Once you have completed preventing access of food items to the ants, prevent them from entering your house. Be your scout and try to find possible cracks and holes in and around your home.

Seal all the cracks and holes with the help of caulking.

Remove ant trails:

Use a simple vinegar-water solution to remove ant trails. Ants leave a scent to follow for other ants. Try to find them and interfere with the vinegar.

Deploy ant baits:

Deploying ant baits around the areas where ants are prevalent helps us to remove ants slowly and steadily. The toxic baits carried to the ant colonies will eliminate the colony.

Call professional experts:

If all the above methods are not fruitful in preventing ants from coming home, call professional pest control experts to solve an ant infestation issue.