It is  important to prevent the ants from entering the house if you are interested in keeping your home bug-free. Ants can get attracted if you leave the food or some packaged drinks on the kitchen counter. But very few people realize that the ants can get attracted towards the plants or flowers kept outside your house or backyard of the property.

Ants get attracted to the variety of plants and flowers. The chances of ant infestation increases if you have any of these plants or flowers decorated in the garden.


Peonies are gorgeous sweet-smelling flowers which is a popular choice for homeowners that want in their property. These tiny crawling insects get attracted and cannot resist these flowers.

The nectar gland of a plant produces amino acids, sugar, and water irresistible to plants. It is the reason due to which ants love peonies the most.

Generally, the black ants get attracted more to these plants. But, any ants that love to feed on sugar get attracted as well.

Wild Parsnip:

Wild Parsnip is an enormous large plant and aggravating weed founded in wet climates. These plants have a height of approximately 5 feet. When the sap of these plants gets exposed to sunlight on your skin, it causes painful burns.

While these plants are annoying for humans, ants love these weeds. The main reason that ants get attracted to these weeds is because of nectarines. The nectar is a valuable source of food for ants and other insects.

Large species like Formica ants also love feeding these weeds along with the other species of ants.

Dessert Willow:

Desert Willow is a popular choice for most homeowners because of its attractive colors. Apart from the beautiful colors, these flowers can also bring ants to your property. The ants love these sweer flowers because the bulb of the desert willow contains nectar. Apart from attracting the ants, it also attracts hummingbirds.

The red Forelius ant loves the nectar of the desert willow. Before planting these attractive flowers, make sure to deal with the potential ant infestation.


When the clematis harbors aphids, ants are attracted to these clematis flowers. The ants will get rid of your property if you get rid of the aphids. The ants get attracted to these flowers because of the brightly colored flowering vine.


These are the perennial wildflowers found in the United States. It is also known as beardtongue. The ants get attracted to these plants because of the trumpet-shaped blossoms that grow up to 3 feet tall.


Ants get attracted to the rosebuds or rose bushes because of their lovely floral smell. We can found these ants on tea roses, wild roses, and climbing roses.

Wrapping up:

Though these attractive flowers may beautify your garden and property, it increases the potential to attract more ants, leading to an infestation. If you are experiencing ant issues in and around your house, it is best to call a pest control professional experts to solve the ant infestation