Most insect pests hide within certain areas of a home where they cannot be readily seen, but the talent bed bugs have in this regard is unsurpassed by most other pests. Bed bugs are small enough to hide just about anywhere within a home. Bed bugs commonly hide within bedding, furniture, carpeting, within wall-voids and in many other indoor locations. In fact, bed bugs are sometimes found within electronic devices and large appliances, like video game consoles, DVD players, smart phones and refrigerators.

Bed bugs are often attracted to internal areas within electronics, as the environment within is warm and dark, which bed bugs prefer. Bed bugs are rarely found inhabiting electronics that are located far away from their human hosts. So it is unlikely that bed bugs will be found within kitchen appliances, unless the appliance is located near a bed, couch or other area where humans spend time. However, bed bugs are often found in electronic items that are located within close range of their human hosts. For example, it is not uncommon to find bed bugs infesting television sets in bedrooms, alarm clock radios, smart phones and laptops. Obviously, bed bugs prefer to remain as close to their hosts as possible, which is why the greatest numbers are usually found within bedding and on mattresses, but bed bugs are often found within electronics located within severely infested homes where the bed bug presence on mattresses may be overcrowded.

When human blood hosts are not present indoors, bed bugs may wander into electronic items for warmth and darkness, but they are not likely to remain within such areas, especially when people are present indoors. Perhaps the most common electronic bed bug hiding spot are electrical sockets, as pest control professionals make a point to examine electrical sockets during inspections. Electrical sockets also allow bed bugs to access wall voids where they can enter new rooms and neighboring apartment units. There also exists the possibility of bed bugs existing with used electronic devices purchased from second-hand stores and pawn shops.

Have you ever found bugs crawling out of an electrical socket?