Bed bugs are well known to be relatively small insects that can be a challenge to locate. In most infestation cases, victims often take notice of bed bug pests, and pest control professionals are trained to recognize the presence of bed bugs within indoor areas. During visual pest control inspections, professionals look for the shed skins of bed bugs and some electronic devices are being developed to assist with bed bug detection. Many pest control services are now using bed bug-sniffing dogs to pinpoint areas of a home where bed bugs are prevalent. Another sign that a home is infested with bed bugs is the presence of bed bug fecal matter on various materials where bed bugs dwell. Bed bug feces are often found on mattresses, bedding, carpeting, and solid surfaces, like wallpaper and finished wood.

It is becoming well known that bed bugs have the ability to survive long periods without sustenance, but few people are aware that bed bugs defecate for a period of two weeks shortly after feeding. Finding numerous spots of bed bug fecal matter within infested dwellings is the norm, and the presence of fecal stains is sometimes the first sign that a home is infested with the bloodsucking pests. Bed bug excrement takes the form of cream to black droplets. The aqueous consistency of bed bug excrement causes stains to immediately take the form of sheets and textiles. The resulting stain resembles an ink stain, and when excrement winds up on solid surfaces, such as varnished wood, the fecal matter dries up and become slightly raised. While recognizing bed bug fecal stains may one day prove to be a useful skill to have, it should be noted that spiders, cockroaches and flies leave behind nearly identical fecal stains within homes. Therefore, pest control professionals must locate a variety of fecal stains in locations where bed bugs can gain access. For example, bed bugs are not likely to be responsible for leaving fecal stains that pest controllers find high-up on walls or ceilings, as bed bugs cannot travel to these locations, let alone defecate in such areas. Pest control companies are developing forensic testing kits that can determine if the fecal stains found in a home were left by blood-feeding insects. At least one kit of this sort has become available on the market.

Have you ever located bed bug excrement stains in your home?