Having spiders in your home is bad enough, but having them in your car is much worse. After all, if they’re in the home, there’s plenty of room to avoid them, but there is not a lot of space in the car. In this article, we’re going to go over what you need to do in order to keep your car spider free.

How spiders enter the car

It might be surprising to find these insects in your car, considering that the car doors are closed for 99% of the time. However, spiders are small enough to find gaps in various areas of the car and seek shelter inside. This need to find shelter accentuates as the weather becomes colder in autumn so there are higher chances that you will find a spider in the coming season.

Once inside the car, the spider will look for hidden nooks and crannies where it feels that it can be left alone, and it will tend to avoid areas that are high in engine vibrations, so if you have a front engine, it will be in the back, and if you have an engine in the back, the spider will set up in the front of the car.

Dealing with a spider infestation in your car

The first thing that you should do in this situation is declutter the car and vacuum it. Spiders are attracted to clutter, because it gives them a safe space to hide, and if you are dealing with black widows, this can be a real issue. Decluttering will remove one of the main reasons for a spider infestation. Then, if you vacuum, you will be able to pick up any spider eggs that may be lying around the car. You then want to look for any gaps and cracks in the car and seal them. For extra protection, you can add a spider repellent such as diatomaceous earth in any gaps that may be invaded by spiders.

Finally, it’s time to remove the spiders that are already in the car. For this, you can use a chlorine oxide car odor eliminator. This will not only eliminate any unpleasant smells in the car, but it will also kill spiders. If however, the spider infestation persists, you might have a much larger nest on your hands. In this situation, you will need the help of a pro. Contact us today and we can get rid of the infestation.