Yards, fields and forests can be dangerous, especially if you are a house mouse, so these little rodents will turn to homes and outbuildings for safety, warmth and food. This is why mice follow us wherever we go, switching between living among humans and in nature. However, human settlements are much preferred to the outdoors for these rodents.

House mice in the home

Even when mice are in the home, they still have to deal with many environmental hazards, and when the weather gets too cold, their best bet for survival will be to enter a human building. Given their small size, mice are able to gain access through a variety of ways, using tiny gaps around doors and windows, piping, in the foundation, garage or attic. Once the mice are inside, they will start to build their nest near food sources in areas that are hidden. Oftentimes, they will set up in attics, basements, under cabinets, inside crawl spaces or in wall voids.

The damage caused by mice indoors

Mice are really bad pests to have in the home. To start, they are filthy, and they will spread filth around the home. They will also contaminate food, and get into food containers and packaging, being able to spread a variety of dangerous diseases. They can also cause damage to electrical wiring, which in certain cases can lead to fires or other costly damages.

House mouse pest control

Controlling a house mouse infestation is fairly straightforward. You need to make sure that you eliminate any entry points into the home first and foremost. Then, you want to get rid of any mice that are already indoors. For this you have traps and rodenticides. It is generally recommended that if you go with the DIY option, you use traps instead of rodenticides, since it can be hard to recover the dead body after using a rodenticide. Traps on the other hand allow for a quick removal of the dead body from the home.

Getting rid of mice and denying them access points in the home will ensure that infestations are much less likely to occur. If you have any questions about any of these two processes, or if you need any help getting rid of an infestation, contact us today.