Yellowjackets are a particularly aggressive wasp species that will defend their nest fiercely. This is why it’s dangerous to have them on your property. One day, you might simply be mowing your lawn, or walking around in your yard when a group of yellowjackets comes and attacks you for disturbing their nest. As such, you may be wondering if there are any quick and easy methods to get rid of them.

DIY measures

Getting rid of the nest itself should never be attempted without professional help. However, there are DIY measures that you can take to reduce the number of wasps on your property and lower the chances that the yellowjackets will bother you.

To start, you can reduce the odds of an infestation by removing possible food sources, such as unlidded trash containers. You can then go for baits, which will draw in yellowjackets and kill them. This will reduce the population of the wasps. The bait stations consist of a meat/insecticide mix that will bait and kill yellowjackets during the summer. During winter, where yellowjackets may still be active, you will need to switch to a carbohydrate mix.

Trapping is also an option. Traps are great when you are out on a picnic or having a meal outside. They will draw the yellowjackets and capture them, ensuring that you will have a pleasant outing.

Yellowjacket nests

Different yellowjacket subspecies will build their nests in different locations. The vespula vulgaris, which is also known as the common yellowjacket, will construct its nest both above and below ground, depending on the location and various other factors. Other subspecies such as the Eastern and Western Yellowjackets will build their nests exclusively in the ground, including inside rat nests. These nests are particularly dangerous, because the yellowjackets may be triggered into an attack without you even knowing that you disturbed their nest. You also have yellowjackets that will build their nests up in the air, either attached to a tree or to the eaves of a building.

Removing the nest

While there are products out there that are designed to remove the nest, we do not recommend that you try doing it yourself. Yellowjackets can be quite dangerous when they start swarming, and they will be persistent in their attacks on any perceived threat. If you would like to remove the nest, we can help you out. Contact us today if you have a yellowjacket infestation.