If you ever searched Google for mouse prevention methods, you likely came across multiple sources of conflicting information. Some of this information is useful, while some of it is simply false. In this article, we’re going to go through some common facts and myths about mouse infestation prevention.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets can be effective mice repellents, but they are not a good solution long-term and they do little in removing a mouse population from the home. Mice hate the smell of dryer sheets, while it’s either enjoyable or tolerable for humans. For small populations, you can use dryer sheets to deny access to areas of the home.

Mouse-repelling colors

You may have heard that if you use certain colors, you can repel mice from the home. However, mice are colorblind, so painting your baseboards or your rooms a certain color will have no effect.

Peppermint oil

Just like dryer sheets, peppermint oil can be a temporary solution, and it can be effective at keeping small mouse populations under control. However, it will not drive a mouse infestation out of the home.


Soap is not effective at mouse control. This myth stems from the misconception that mice like to eat fat, which is found in soap, but when they eat soap, they will be poisoned. This is not true, because the chemicals found in soap are not enough to kill a mouse. It would take a huge amount of soap to kill one mouse.


Bleach is poisonous to rodents, but the amount of bleach that you would have to spread in the home will not only leave a foul smell, it would also become dangerous to humans and pets. Bleach releases poisonous fumes which can damage our health in excess.

Most effective solutions

The most effective solutions at dealing with a mouse infestation are the tried and tested traps and rodenticides along with preventative measures such as sealing all the gaps and small holes in the walls of the home. Small infestations can be dealt with using certain homegrown methods, but as the infestation grows, it will need to be addressed through stronger means. If you are having issues with mice inside the home, we can help you out. Contact us today for more information or to set up a mouse control appointment. We will gladly help you out.