Rodent Problems can be some of the worst problems a home owner deals with and it all starts with just a couple of mice. Mice are so fast at reproducing that understanding the signs of a rodent in your home could end up saving you from having a mice infestation. The faster that you find these rodents in your home the faster you can call a licensed rodent removal service like Johnny B’s Pest Control to eliminate them before they get worse. Follow these 5 steps to understand the warning signs that rodents might be present on your property.

  1. Grease Marks – One big sign that rodents are on your property are large grease marks on the walls and the floors. Mice usually take similar paths each time they leave so these areas become greasy and if you see dark smears around corners or holes in your home its most likely a rodent.
  2. Droppings – The biggest tell-tale sign of a rodent infestation is droppings laying around. If you find droppings in your home don’t just clean it up and ignore it you must act now before the problem gets worse. The droppings are dark in color and very small about 3 to 8 mm in length on average. The droppings can be anywhere that these mice are roaming around your home and can carry many diseases with them.
  3. Noises – Listen for strange noises in your home they will sound like scratching or crawling. The sounds can come from anywhere be it the ceiling, in the floors, or walls. If you hear skittering sounds in your walls or scratching or gnawing noises you most likely have a rodent problem. If these sounds occur at night when the house is quiet this is another sign. If you locate a spot on the wall where u hear scratching and tap it and it stops for a few seconds and starts again its definitely a rodent, and you should call a pest control professional.
  4. Foot Prints – If you notice small footprints that don’t belong to your pets then there is definitely something living in your home. It’s always important to be vigilant, and check around common pest areas to make sure that you don’t have any pest on a regular basis. Rodents lots of times leave clear track marks where they go and many times tail marks as well. One great way to see if any animal is traveling through an area is put talcum powder in the area of question, and check for white tracks the next day.
  5. Nests – Rodents build nests and they build them with easy to shed soft materials. The nest are often made from clothing or paper that is shredded and torn to make them into a nest. If you find bundles of these type of materials in your home this may be a sign of rodents.

Follow these 5 steps to better understand the warning signs of rodents in your home so that you can handle them accordingly if you do have them. If you or someone you know is dealing with rodents or any other pest species contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today. At Johnny B’s Pest Control we can handle any pest problem for your home or business, and have been family owned/operated for 30 years. Contact us today to see just why so many people in Boston trust Johnny B’s when they have pests!