It’s that time again! Ants have begun to show up in your hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Ants are mostly nuisances, but did you know that certain ant species can cause serious damage? Well, they can, so it’s important to be aware of some ant control misconceptions and facts. In this article, we’re going to talk about the three main myths surrounding ants.

MYTH: Ants return to your home because it is dirty

FACT: Although ants love sugary spills and crumbs, they also like to invade homes for other reasons. To survive, all pests require the same things – shelter, food, and most importantly, water. So if ants can find one or more of these factors, they will love your home!

MYTH: ANTS ARE NOT A BIG DEAL – They will take care of themselves

FACT: It all depends on the type of ant. Carpenter ants infest wood, and while they do not damage the wood as fast as termites, they can still cause serious issues. Each year, carpenter ants are responsible for millions of dollars in damage in the United States alone. To make things worse, they look pretty much like normal ants, except they are larger. Keep an eye out for suspiciously large ants in your home, and make sure to call over a pest control specialist if you spot them.

MYTH – DIY ant control is as effective as professional methods

FACT: DIY methods can be effective… against certain types of ants. Sugar ants can easily be controlled by using ant traps. However, it is more difficult to treat carpenter ant infestations, and it’s not really worth the risk of partially removing a colony or leaving your home open to reinfestation when you are dealing with this species. The money that you save through DIY can be quickly lost if the infestation continues.

So looking at these myths, we can see that ants can be a much bigger deal than you would normally think. Carpenter ants in particular are quite dangerous, and they are common in home infestations across the US. You may also come across fire ants in your yard, and this aggressive ant species has a very painful sting. If you notice ants in or around your home, and you suspect they are carpenter or fire ants, contact us today and we will schedule an inspection right away. You can also get in touch if you have any questions about pest control or ant infestations.