One of the main reasons that ants enter the home is the presence of viable food sources, and knowing what these food sources are can help with prevention and pest control.

The major food groups that attract ants

Ants are attracted to three main food groups: sugars, protein and fat. Each species will have its own preferences, but for the main part, one or more of these food groups can be found in the diet of most ant species. There are also certain ants that will have more exotic tastes. For example, army ants are known for raiding other colonies and consuming the workers. There are also species that will be interested in leafs and other forms of vegetation.

How to use this information

By knowing what ants eat, you will be able to implement prevention and control methods that target their diets. When it comes to prevention, keeping sources of sugar, protein and fat out of the reach of ant workers will remove one of the incentives that they have for entering the home. Most ants will enter the building when one scout finds a large enough food source indoors, but they will leave when the food is no longer available.

In terms of control, the food preferences of each species can be used in baits. A bait consists of food mixed with poison, and this combination will draw out workers, who will take the bait back to the colony and share it around. Once enough bait is circulating in the colony, some of it will reach the queen, and the queen will be poisoned. After the queen has died, the colony will dissolve very quickly.

Professional ant control

A pest control pro will have several methods available when trying to deal with an ant infestation. Usually, either baits or insecticides will be employed, depending on how accessible the nest is. For nests that are out in the open, a pro will use insecticides which will quickly kill off the colony. Baits come in useful when you are dealing with an indoor nest, or a nest that is hard to reach, and they will take up to a month to clear out the infestation. For more information on how the professional ant control process is implemented, or if there is an ant infestation on your property, contact us today and we will help you out with everything you need.