While most ants may seem harmless, there is a species out there that can carry diseases. The pharaoh ant is a small, light colored ant that is very resilient and is known to carry and spread a wide variety of diseases including E. Coli and Salmonella. On top of that, they are also very intrusive, with several cases of pharaoh ants entering patients’ wounds in a hospital setting. Let’s take a closer look at this species.

Why pharaoh ants carry diseases

Pharaoh ants are quite small, and this allows them to access locations that are off limits to most ant species. They are also known to forage inside trash, which is where they may pick up bacteria. Once the bacteria is on their bodies, they will spread the pathogens wherever they travel, and if they happen to touch some food left out in the open, or some kitchen utensils, they will contaminate them and possibly transmit the disease to someone in the home.

Pharaoh ants are tough to remove

A pharaoh ant infestation is not only dangerous, it is also very hard to remove. As a pharaoh ant colony grows, it adds more and more queens, to the point where big colonies can have hundreds of queens. On top of that, they will build satellite colonies. So to remove an entire infestation, an intensive effort is required, and it’s something that is best left to a pest control professional.

Other ant species that pose a health threat

There is one other species that is known to infest the home and which can pose a health threat. Fire ants are an aggressive breed that have a venomous sting. In small to moderate quantities, their venom will only cause strong pain. However, if the venom is injected in a quantity that is too large, then it can cause medical complications, especially in people with a compromised immune system, the elderly and children.

Getting rid of a dangerous ant infestation

If you are dealing with pharaoh or fire ant infestations, you will need the help of a pro to remove them. Pharaoh ants are hard to get rid of and fire ants will attack anyone that gets near their nest. As such, it can be much easier and safer to remove these ants from the home by hiring a pest control company than by attempting to do so DIY. Contact us today if you have an ant infestation in your home and we will help you get rid of it.