No one likes uninvited guests in bed. One of the biggest invaders of this safe space in homes are bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, oval shaped creatures that are brownish in color. These pests feed on the blood of animals and humans and multiply fast.

Bed bugs start off as nymphs. Nymphs are premature and shed a total of five times before they are fully grown. This process of growth can happen in as little as a month and three or more generations of Bed Bugs can be produced per year. This is means that Bed Bugs are an issue that need to be handled fast.

You may be wondering, “Where do bed bugs come from?” These creatures enter homes unwelcomed and undetected. Some common items for Bed Bugs to latch on to are luggage, clothing, and used beds and couch’s. Because of the bugs shape and size, it is easy for them to hide in smaller places and invade in a surprise like manner. Hiding spaces for these pests include bed frames, headboards, mattresses and box springs. These are areas where the bugs can easily bite after you go to bed.

Recognizing that you have a Bed Bug problem is the first step in getting rid of them. The Bed Bugs themselves can be identified or, you may find their shed skins and droppings in the bedroom. Along with this, you may discover stained blood on your sheets from bites.

If you are trying to avoid the addition of these pests in your home, try not to place your suitcase on the bed or floor of hotel rooms. In addition to this, wash and dry clothes immediately when returning from a trip and make sure to inspect all new pieces of furniture that you may bring into your home. It is important that you are proactive on making sure that these pests are not new members of your household.

While Bed Bugs may hang around year-round, they are most commonly seen in the months of August and September. This is due to the fact that most families are returning from their summer vacation travels and the pest have decided to come along for the ride home. It sometime takes time to realize you have a Bed Bug problem because the creatures are nocturnal and small.

With summer in the rearview, make sure Bed Bugs are not starting off the school year with you as well. If you do happen to find these unwarranted creatures in your home, you know who to call.

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