Some believe that pest and wildlife control are the same, when in fact, the two services are widely different. Each requires a specific set of tools and training, which are more dissimilar than alike.

Pest control is focused more on the treatment and extermination of infestations caused by insects or rodents. Animal control deals more with the relocation of unwanted animals such as raccoons, possums, skunks, groundhogs, birds, snakes, squirrels and many more. In more specific terms, pest control removes the problem by eliminating the nuisances while animal control removes and keeps the animal away from the property without harm.

While there are a large number of differences between these two services, there is still some overlap when it comes to the removal of rodents. Rodents are animals but, they cause a higher level of damage and destruction to interior properties and can spread disease if not handled properly. Because of this, extermination is considered the proper response to rodent infestations and this is why rodents fall under the umbrella of the pest control service.

We here at Jonny B’s Pest Control use a PMP method to rid any insect infestations that may enter your home. When it comes to rodent control, we use a baiting technique to make sure the mice or rats stay out for good. We provide these services when and wherever they are needed in the Boston area. This includes but is not limited to weekly, bi-monthly and monthly. This set schedule ensures that you will not have any run-ins with future insects or rodents.

If you have any questions on what counts for pest control vs. animal control, we are only a call away. Johnny B’s will be more than happy to help assist you whether it be us coming to take care of your problem or re-directing you to wildlife control for a solution as well.

Have you ever had to decide whether you should call pest control or animal control for an unwanted pest inavsion that entered your home?