Although we experience warm summers, and cold and snowy winters, Boston’s residents have adapted well to the region’s climate. But so have the city’s non-human inhabitants, like roaches, carpenter ants, termites, rats and mice. What many Bostonians don’t realize is, that the region’s weather patterns dictate invasive behavior of pests and rodents. What’s also more important, is that residents reach out and seek advice immediately, about pest control in Boston, upon their very first sighting of these unwelcome “guests”.

Urgency to Act Decisively

Like most critical matters, responding to pest infestations requires urgent consideration. And the urgency for Bostonians to act is clear in the numbers!  According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, when it comes to roaches and rodents, residents of Boston’s homes rank fairly high in the probability of a sighting.

Though Philadelphia had the highest rodent sighting percentage (18.9%), Boston came in a close second (18.4%). And even though residents of warmer climates, like Atlanta (29.4%) and Houston (35.2%), caught glimpses of more roaches than Bostonians did (2.9%), exterminators in Boston were far busier than their colleagues in Seattle (0.7%) and Detroit (1.3%). Initial sightings of these pests is often a forebearer of worse to come. And in some areas of the city, residents are flooding the city’s 311 crisis reporting line, logging complaints and cries for help as a result of 6 to 10 rat sightings a day. Even by the most tolerant of standards, those numbers aren’t good for area residents and businesses.

With numbers like these, the time to act is now! That’s because pest and rodent populations can grow exponentially unless residents take swift and decisive action upon initial sighting. For roaches and mice, for example, it’s not for no reason that experts say: Where there’s one seen…there’s likely a hundred or more unseen!

Go With Experience

Whether it’s home renovation, replacing a toilet, or getting their hardwood flooring re-done, it’s no surprise that Bostonians always prefer experienced service providers. So, why should pest control in Boston be any different?  Working with an experienced pest and rodent control professional guarantees that:

  • The problem is diagnosed and identified quickly
  • The right remedial measures are put in place – Roach infestations require markedly different strategies than, say, ant or termite invasions
  • Appropriate follow-up and preventative measures are activated, so the issue does nor reoccur

With over 40-years of serving Boston’s homes and businesses, Johnny B’s Pest Control is well-placed to deal with a broad array of pest and rodent challenges. Bostonians can rest assured of the team’s ability to provide swift, targeted, high-quality, and professional solutions to their pest and rodent issues.

As one of the leading exterminators in Boston, it’s critical for residents to immediately get the experienced team at Johnny B’s working for you at first sighting. A delayed response not only gives the pests more time to multiply and grow in size; but it also buys them time to do more damage to your health and property!