Three N.J. state buildings were reported in November to have large bed bug infestations. The buildings in question all were located in Trenton New Jersey. The fact that the buildings that were infested are state buildings with lots of foot traffic from outside sources may have increased the buildings chances of a bed bug infestation. who initial reported on the issue said the pests were found in the Department of Health’s leased office space located at 50 East State Street. The other two buildings where the bed bug infestations were found were the Department of Labor and Workforce Development building, and the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex.

Nicole Kirgan the spokeswoman for The Department of Health said that the buildings 6th floor has been closed since last Tuesday for inspection, and treatment as soon as the bed bugs were found. Bed bug monitors were put on the 3rd,4th, and 6th floors as well where most DOH employees work, and will remain there for 2 months. Kirgan also had this to say about the infestation “The department is committed to the protection of our employees and is following state protocols for bedbugs, which is to inspect, set traps and conduct extermination.” The spokesman for The Department of Labor John Raue gave this statement regarding the infestation in his building “The department is working with our employees, the union, a pest control agency and a treatment plan is being utilized to address this issue.”

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