The BedBugTv Channel hosted by BedBug Central Director of Innovation and Technical Content Jeff White just posted three new videos online. The new videos have information on new mattress encasements along with how to do inspections of nightstands, and chairs for bed bug activity. BedBugTv since it started in 2008 has had over 3 million views on a range of bed bug topics. BedBugTv releases weekly episodes with information and tips on bed bugs.

BedBugTv’s most recent videos detail various inspection techniques of different areas around the home that bed bugs might be found in, such as the night stand or chair. BedBugTv offers step by step instructions for the inspection of these problem areas for bed bugs. These inspections can be important in determining if you need further bed bug treatment. BedBugTv always recommends contacting a professional if your or someone you know is dealing with bed bugs. Don’t let pests ruin your day contact a pest control professional today like Johnny B’s Pest Control, and solve the problem head on!

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