Here at Johnny B’s Pest Control were all about protecting your home or business from pests. That is why if you ever are dealing with a pest problem in the greater Boston area like bed bugs contact Johnny B’s now! We have created this list of tips to help better protect you or your business from bed bugs this summer. Bed bugs are one of the most common pest problems that everyone around the world has to deal with. Follow these simple tips to help better protect yourself from bed bugs, but remember if you have bed bugs contact a professional like Johnny B’s Pest Control.

  1. Travel – Travel is the number one way that bed bugs are brought into the home this may seem obvious, but if you are coming back from an area always check anything your bringing back into the home. It’s better to take some time now and check and not have a raging bed bug infestation months later and be forced to throw everything away.
  2. Wash Your Bedding Often – Not only should you wash your bedding often but you should use the heat function when cleaning the bedding. This heat will kill any living organisms living within your sheets YUCK!
  3. Vacuum Weekly – Make sure you vacuum weekly if possible and try and throw out the bad or dispose of the waste in the vacuum each time. Sometimes bedbugs are sucked up into the vacuum where later they leave and infest other parts of your home.
  4. Never Buy Used Furniture Unless Your Sure – Often if you buy second hand stuff for prices that seem too good to be true they might be because of bed bugs. Always check your second-hand furniture and make sure no bed bugs are on it before you bring it into your home or you could run into big problems.
  5. Check Regularly – It’s important that with the other tips you check your bed and around your bed frequently for bed bugs. This is especially true if you live in a bed bug prone area, also remember bed bugs are not confined to the bed area they can be anywhere humans are. It’s never a bad idea to have a licensed professional like Johnny B’s to give you an inspection if you’re worried about your home having bed bugs, again it’s better to catch it earlier then later.

If you or someone you know is dealing with pests contact Johnny B’s Pest Control today and let us take it from there. At Johnny B’s we have been eliminating pest in the greater Boston area for 30 years! See why so many in the greater Boston area choose Johnny B’s Pest Control when they need pest help!




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