Imagine that you live in an area where numerous insect species annually parade through your neighborhood. You would probably spend the off season gathering all of the Raid needed to kill the thousands of insects that would inevitably invade your home during the summer season. After all, there is no reason to spare the lives of the insects that invade our homes, right? Although it may come as a shock to some people, but insects are not aware of the fact that they are unwanted pests that will surely die if they risk a home invasion. Many people justify their killing of insects by insisting that insects know better than to invade their home. Of course, people are knowingly fooling themselves, as insects are clearly not the most mentally sophisticated of animals. Although people feel a duty to kill the bugs in their home, one expert is asking all British citizens to avoid killing the bugs that invade their homes. This recommendation is being made at a time when saving the lives of insects are the last things on anyone’s mind in Great Britain.


At the moment, a heat wave is causing discomfort among people in England. Even worse than the heat are the armies of insects that are currently invading people’s homes en masse. The heavy insect presence in England came as a result of a sudden increase in temperature.  Wildlife expert, Chris Packham is an insect lover, which is why he is urging people not to kill invading insects during the heatwave. Packham is asking people to spare the lives of the insects at a good time, as the global insect population is dangerously decreasing. However, Packham’s request is not being made in order to remedy this particular problem; instead, he simply believes that the insects that we find within our homes don’t deserve to die. For example, the ants that people often find within their homes are, according to Packham, harmlessly looking for shelter. Packham even orders the cleaners that work in his home to avoid killing bugs. Although Packham’s humane view toward insect life is honorable, many Brits are not responding to his request with enthusiasm, which is understandable.


Do you ever feel compelled to spare the lives of the insects that you find indoors?