Children’s Toy That Captures Insects

No matter how old you may be, you must remember the toys that you had as a child, and you likely still remember which ones were your favorite. In fact, it is not uncommon for adults to purchase toys these days. This is especially true when it comes to toys that make adults feel nostalgic about their childhoods. One toy that was popular in the sixties, and then reintroduced in the nineties as a result of demands made by nostalgic fans, was the product known as “Creepy Crawlies.” This product was famous for making children comfortable with insects, as the product allowed kids to create their own gummy objects that looked like insects. However, this is not the only insect-related product to be sold in toy stores. As it happens, insect-themed toys are more popular than most people would assume. Since it is well known that kids are more well-disposed toward insect encounters than many adults, one toy company has created a product that allows kids to capture their own insects for scientific study.

A toy called “Bug Off” is designed to allow kids to capture the insects that they find while spending time outdoors. The product is shaped like a handheld vacuum and it works much like a vacuum as well. The toy is used to suck insects into a chamber where several insect specimens can be collected for later examination. The vacuum mechanism does not hurt the insects, and it is activated by the pull of a trigger. This product may be beneficial to a child’s academic development, as the toy encourages exploration into insects. For example, the chamber where insects are collected is fitted with a magnifying glass that allows kids to examine the captured insects up close. The product also comes with tweezers in order to enable kids to carefully and safely remove captured insects from the chamber. Ideally, after examining the insects, kids would develop an interest in identifying insects by noting particular physical features.

Do you think that more children’s toys should encourage a child’s natural curiosity concerning insects?