Many children have expressed a peculiar interest in what would happen to an insect if it was put into a running microwave. There are also fully grown adults with PhDs who are asking the same question. Any other group of people who obsess over this scenario should probably be avoided for obvious reasons. The internet is full of postings and forums dedicated to answering this one question, but the answer is not too shocking. If you put an insect into a microwave it would stay intact  about as well as a hot dog would. Therefore, microwaves would make for a great alternative pest control method, at least this is what the scientists at the National Physical Laboratory believe.

Researchers are currently conducting research on how microwave frequencies can be adjusted to target specific insect pests while leaving nearby beneficial insects unharmed. In case you are wondering, the researchers are not placing bugs into kitchen microwaves; instead, they are placing insects into fields of electromagnetic radiation. The differing wavelengths produced by electromagnetic radiation are commonly referred to as microwaves, and these wavelengths, or microwaves, are being adjusted to only target insects of particular body sizes. So basically, what the researchers are doing with microwaves is not much different from what many people may be imagining. A particular microwave frequency can either cause an insect to explode or can permanently damage its reproductive organs. Researchers are exploring microwaves as an alternative pest control strategy due to the limitations of chemical insecticides. Insecticides kill all insects in a particular area, even the beneficial ones, but microwave frequencies can be adjusted to only kill certain insects based on size and structure. However, finding the right frequencies is, reportedly, a matter of trial and error, according to the researchers on the project. So, in other words, the researchers are spending their days watching different insect species explode. This research has been carried out in the United States for several years. American researchers are hoping to use microwaves to kill African mosquitoes in an effort to curb malaria infection rates.

Do you believe that microwaves could be used to kill certain insects while leaving other insects in the same vicinity completely unharmed?