Despite routinely invading our homes and living around us, Norway rats are still considered wild animals, and dangerous ones at that. They are known to spread disease and cause damage to property. On top of that, if they infest a farm or commercial facility, they can be even more damaging, since they have a lot of room to grow their numbers. So how can we make Norway rat control more effective?

Mechanical control

Mechanical control refers to the control efforts that are built into the building. For commercial facilities, this means building perimeter fences out of metal sheets that are over 15 inches tall with a 7 inch horizontal lip to prevent rats from climbing over them. The foundation should be at least 18 inches deep so that rats cannot dig under the building. In domestic buildings, the same principles can be applied either before or after construction. All potential rat entry points into the building should be sealed and caulked, and vents should be protected with a metallic mesh. All standing and open water sources should be removed from the property, and garbage bins should be placed at a safe distance away from the building.

Biological control

Moving on to biological control you have the option of using either glue traps or traps with bait on them. Both can yield good results, but the clue traps may be dangerous to other animals, and they are inhumane. In order for the traps to be effective, they need to be placed near food or warmth sources, along walls, and in dark areas.

Chemical control

Chemical control involves poisoning the rats. This control option is best used outdoors, where the rats will die either in the open or in their burrows. If it is used indoors, the rats may die inside a hard to reach area (somewhere in the walls for example), and start to decompose, thus becoming a major health hazard. You also have the option of using anticonceptional products, which will prevent the rats from reproducing and reduce the infestation over time. This can also be a very effective control method, because it will usually completely wipe out a rat population.

If you currently have issues with a rat infestation, we can help you take care of it using the methods outlined above. Contact us today to set a Norway rat control inspection or control appointment.