Some people are blessed with a sense of cleanliness, which never allows them to let their surroundings become disordered or dirty. However, there also exists many people who cannot manage to master the habit of throwing away a items of garbage, even when nearby trash cans are within clear sight. In some extreme cases, people who tend to live within disordered or cluttered conditions can move onto becoming downright filthy and unsanitary. Although there are several valid reasons as to why living within such unsanitary conditions is harmful, especially health-related reasons, each individual has a right to live in filth if they so choose. Unfortunately, people who hoard items and allow trash to collect within their homes may harm others living nearby. For example, a man living in a New York City apartment building lived in conditions filthy enough to prompt complaints from neighbors concerning the foul odor that emanated from the man’s apartment. The worst part about living next to this pathological hoarder and trash collector was the inevitable army of cockroaches that rapidly established a highly populated society within the man’s cockroach-friendly living environment.


During the full two year period when the man rented the apartment unit, neighbors complained of the putrid stench he created that would never cease to reek. After finding the massive roach infestation, and the excessively unsanitary living conditions, the buildings superintendent had the tenant evicted. However, court proceedings delayed his eviction for an entire year, which means that the cockroach-friendly tenant made life miserable for neighbors during a period of one full year. Eventually, the man was evicted, and that is when a clean up crew found a well established and massive cockroach population within the canyons between the former tenant’s trash piles. Despite the heavy roach population, a dead and rotting cat carcass was found intact and uneaten by roaches below the former tenant’s mattress.


Have you ever experienced insect-related issues while living within an apartment located within a large city? If yes, then what type of insect proved to be a problem for you?



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