Being in a room with cockroaches is disturbing; being in a dark room with cockroaches is even more disturbing. The idea of stepping on a cockroach in the dark while walking barefooted to a lightswitch is nobody’s idea of fun. Stepping on a cockroach with bare feet would be a traumatic experience for a whole lot of people. Unfortunately, a couple recently experienced a similar situation with cockroaches, only their situation was far worse. The two moviegoers were not stepping on cockroaches, they were actually eating them unknowingly in the dark. Well, it cannot be confirmed whether or not the couple accidentally consumed cockroaches, but cockroach-consumption was implied in this recent news story from Australia. A few days ago, Shaun Welsh and his girlfriend Caitlin experienced the unthinkable while relaxing in a movie theater. After noticing that their popcorn seemed extra crispy, they became horrified to find numerous cockroaches within their sizable bag of movie popcorn.


Going to see a movie in Australia is much like visiting a movie theater in any other country, but apparently in Australia, the popcorn may contain giant insects. According to Shaun, the bag of popcorn was free of cockroaches when he bought it. After his girlfriend alerted him of the cockroach presence in their popcorn, Shaun laughed off the claim as though it were a joke. In response, his girlfriend used her smart phone to shine a light on their bag of popcorn, and sure enough, several large cockroaches could clearly be seen within the bag. The picture can be seen on Shaun’s Facebook page along with a well justified complaint regarding the quality of the particular theater’s popcorn. The couple decided to change seats, but when they moved, seven more cockroaches emerged from the bag as though someone had put them there deliberately. When the situation seemed as unpleasant as possible, the couple found several more cockroaches crawling on their seats, and the seats near them. At this point, Shaun complained to the manager. The manager offered his apologies along with two free tickets to another movie. Understandably, the couple were not moved by the manager’s apology. The theater is now being fumigated.


Have you ever encountered insects while at a movie theater?